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"Where nature, art, and science meet"

The Story Behind ArteBella

More than 25 years of medical and aesthetic knowledge, science and insights lie at the basis of ArteBella. Together with daughter Kira Bella, I own this Medi Spa. An oasis of peace, with love for nature. Focused on inner health and external beauty, we combine medical skin treatments with organic skin care products.

‘Life is art. Art is beauty. Beauty is natural’

Het Clean Beauty Concept

At ArteBella Medi Spa we have developed the unique  “Clean Beauty Concept”. This concept targets the beauty and health of the person as a whole. We hereby offer skincare products from Éminence organics which takes the health of the skin and body into consideration. ArteBella is aware of the environment and the toxic ingredients which are often found in cosmetics. It is as important to know what is not in a product than what is in a product. Some ingredients, the so called chemical additives, can in the longterm cause damage to our cells. According to scientific studies women absorb every year approximately 3 kilograms of harmful chemicals from cosmetics and toiletries.   We have chosen for high quality ingredients  clean science ingredients, derived from certified sources and that are eco friendly. It also gives back something to the world. For every product that we sell a tree is planted. The Kids Foundation provides healthy meals for children that are ill.

We honour and respect nature, our body and the planet while embracing science.

When it comes to improving the skin we offer unique treatments which benefit the health of the skin. Treatments are specifically developed of combined based on the knowledge of years of experience. Where possible we use organic or vegan treatments, or where indicated we use highly advanced technology and scientifically supported treatments to reverse the damage to the skin caused by either internal or external factors.

Our mission is to deliver effective and long lasting skin improvements in a tranquil setting where wellness and results come together.  We strive to provide a great experience, but with especially a glowing and radiant skin!


‘With love’ – ArteBella

Ons team


About Anita Rullens

Simplicity is Elegance

This is the philosophy of Anita Rullens, Medical Skincare Specialist and Business Owner. Anita began her passion and journey in the Aesthetics world when she was still in her early teens by experimenting with friends and family. She also participated during her studies as a make-up artist with theatre productions while sometimes landing a part of the same production.

During that time she traveled to Switzerland and met with a Biochemist to develop an organic botanical skincare line to import to the USA. It was then, she decided to focus her life-long career, of the aesthetics industry, and made the daunting move to the United States.

The start of the Medispa

While living in the southwestern states, Anita observed, first hand, the environmental impact of living under the desert sun. She enrolled in the Aesthetics College and obtained her state licensure. Her studies included holistic, clinical and medical skin care therapies. After her graduation she gained employment with a local Plastic Surgeon and observed a multitude of surgical procedures of the face and body. This helped her understand the physiology and required knowledge to help select the right procedures for the patient’s main concern. During that time she assisted with minor surgical procedures of the face and body. She exerienced all the opportunities of medical aesthetics,such as dermaplaning, advanced chemical peels including tricholoracitic acid (TCA), Jessners and phenol, sclerotherapy, laser and light therapies, and performed injectables such as sclerotherapy and fillers.

She gravitated to learn the advanced knowledge of the physiology and histology of the skin in a more profound medical environment and realized the importance of professional skin care and their limitations. Anita’s fascination with the science and research of product ingredients and selecting the most result-oriented product lines available, lead to her success in the medical skin care arena. With over 9000 patients serviced in the surgical practice and skincare spa, Anita set the standards in medical aesthetics and began training newer Aestheticians on the policies and procedures of working in a medical practice.

After 25 years in the USA, she returned to the Netherlands and accepted that skincare was still in her DNA. She accumulated her 25 years plus past medical aesthetics knowledge of science and treatments and developed ArteBella Skin Health of the Netherlands. ArteBella offers an environment of tranquilty and peacefulness, coupled with a love for nature and a philosophy of inner beauty and health. ArteBella implements medical skin treatments with organic skin care products on the menu of services. Anita has researched companies which deliver the advancements in skin care technologies and incorporated them to her clinical practice. The ArteBella team of both aesthetics and medical professionals assist clients in the proper treatment selection needed to obtain the desired results through the organic, natural and/or medical skincare procedures.


About Kira Bella

She dealt with beauty from an early age. With a mother as a skincare specialist and a father as a plastic surgeon, she spent many an hour within the walls of the clinic in America. With a childlike wonder and natural curiosity, she learned about the world around her in her own playful manner, and grew increasingly fascinated by the way the world works.

From the start, she always had a rich imagination, and held a fascination for herbs and magic. She loved all kinds of holistic medicine. She wanted to heal and help people.

In 2010, she moved with her mother to the Netherlands, her mother’s country of birth.

Besides a great many interests, she has a good head on her shoulders and loves to learn. At this point in time, she is in her final year of grammar school, where she has a subject package centred around the sciences, technology and health.

Her vision is a joining of two worlds:


“Science is wonderful, it’s truly awesome, but in this world, what is constant, ever-present? Books can burn, databases can crash. The constant in our universe is simply the universe itself, nature itself. Science itself originated in the study of nature.

“In ancient history, the first scientists were in fact philosophers. In my experience, the way the “scientific approach” is characterised is focused on what has already been proven, fact-based classification, if it hasn’t been proven to exist, it doesn’t exist! As of yet, I have felt little room for creativity and the original approach to the unknown: philosophy.

“Medicine is a wonderful branch of the sciences, utilising biology, chemistry as well as physics. The human body is so incredibly intricate and complex, that we understand so much is truly something to celebrate.”


“People don’t always realise that also modern medicine came from somewhere, and ancient medicine is well, ancient. Medicine too found its roots in nature so to speak. The first pill was a herbal concoction, the first pharmacist the tribe healer, the first pharmaceutical developer a botanist.

“We are still very much dependent on our planet for life resources, so it is extremely important that we take care of it. By using bio-products and reducing our carbon footprint, we help mother nature and she helps us.”